Sunday, 09 August 2020
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Our key to make a Sustainable Business are hiding deeply in our Vision and Ethical Code. We are Social Responsible company from the very heart of our foundation. The principles of sustainability are pushing us straight forward with every campaign we create and every idea we invent. We strive every effort to make the most meaningful and wide impact we can. Our mission,  vision, goals and strategy are synchronized in favor of the people, the planet and the better future for our children. Our sustainability code:
  • Always think Win-Win
If our partners win, we also win. If the planet win, the people wins.
  • Think and Live Positively
Our main sustainability platform. We are the positive change in the way we think, do and live.
  • Before act think for the end
Beginning with the End in mind is our key to sustain efficient and effective in everything we do.
  • Understand first
Always understand the essence and needs and than try to be understood and act.
  • Avoid Waste
Do not waste the resources, even if they are abundant. Save time, save water, save nerves, save the nature.


High control over the processes
We have high monitoring and controll over the business processes. We follow all safety and ecological decrees and recommendations.

Share our ethics
Our ethics policy extends throughout all JT divisions, to our suppliers, partners and shareholders as well. We are always ensuring that all our operations are conducted in a socially responsible manner.

Energy and climate
We are making continuousefforts
to reduce energy consumption as well as the waste and footprint of our activities. 

Everything in our business that could be recycled - is. From the office paper to industrial servers, every substance that could result in negative affection over the nature is reprocessed or reused till last.


Protecting the health of our employees and partners are of highest importance in our job. Protecting the health of the people we work with is of greater priority than any profit or result.

We have always acted from and for the society. The first priorities in every campaigns or creative we do is the positive impact over the society and communities.


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