Sunday, 09 August 2020
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Founded in 2007, BlueMark™ or also known as "Bluetooth® Marketing Bulgaria" is the first company in the country introduced the advertising and marketing communication potential of the wide spread Bluetooth® technology.

The Bluetooth® Marketing is a location-based (proximity marketing) technology which allows the standing nearby people to receive free digital content on their mobile devices. Information, Photos, Videos, Applications, Business Cards, Reminders, Web content, Internet access, information streaming flows are only part of the possible applications of the Bluetooth Wireless Transferring technology. The technology is also called permission-based, which pulls the Bluetooth® Marketing out of the SPAM considered advertising techniques. 

Used for large events, concerts, parties, business conferences and festivals, Outdoor and Indoor advertising - the Bluetooth® Marketing technology is the perfect tool to communicate interactive information to your customers, free from payment, mobile coverage or operator preferences. The BlueMark™ Servers could broadcast specific information to everyone passing around 100m from the Server Point or function as a log-in download server point full with different interactive content. This new technique for Mobile Marketing is Perfect for Entertainment, BTL, ATL, Sales On-point campaigns and purposes.


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