Sunday, 09 August 2020
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ForumsLeague is the largest amateur football championship in Bulgaria. Started in 2005 the football league unites 30 teams of the largest online communities and internet portals in the country. More than 600 players and large audience are gathering every week around the green soccer fields in Sofia having great fun while playing the favorite game.

ForumsLeague Bulgaria is a unique project creating a football championship between the Bulgarian internet communities. Named "Bulgarian Forums Football League" it is the first initiative of its kind in Europe. The League finds quick recognition by the Bulgarian Football Union right after its birth in 2005.

Founded and organized by JT International, during its last season the League unites more than 30 teams and over 600 players. The increasing interest to the Bulgarian Forums Football League is shown by the high interest of the sport medias and internet communities and a crowd of over 2 000 fans a week. 


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