Sunday, 09 August 2020
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GreenMark™ is one of the newest brands in the group. The company is certifying "Green Offices" and "Green Companies" on the territory of Bulgaria. GreenMark™ team is noticing, analyzing, consulting and recommending companies' Green practices and policies.

Is your office Green enough? Are your company using the resources with enough efficiency in these crisis time?

GreenMark™ Team is here to look around and assess the proper usage of your office resources. GreenMark™ Team will analyze, consult and propose the best solutions to "Get Greener"!

The proper and convenient usage of the available resources could save your company serious ffunds in long and short term. Cutting costs is not the only available decision, think about cutting the costs SMARTly.  How could your company reduce the waste of water, electricity or paper and how this will reflect your company budget? GreenMark Team is here to tell you!

GreenMark is certifying the Green Offices and holds a special register of the "Green Companies". Every year the price for “Green Company of The Year” will be awarded based on companies’ investments for Green, Social and ECO policies. 


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