Sunday, 09 August 2020
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NetMark™ is the first company in Bulgaria providing the professional and complex social networks marketing & PR solutions. Founded in the beginning of 2009 the company is developing complex social networks marketing strategies, support and analysis. 

Focused in more than 20 of the largest world Internet Social Networks, NetMark™ provides convenient, easy-recognizable and accessible and financially saving strategical methods for SMART marketing communications.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Hi5, Tagged, Ning, Bebo, Friendster, NetLog, MeetUp, Google Buzz and Orkut are only some of the social networks we work with. We can position your brand, product or service in narrower social networks, defined by interests - Sport networks (; and more), Art networks(; and more), Hobby networks(;;; and more), Professional networksby business spheres (;;;;,,;) and many more.

Bulgarian Social Networks we work with -,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more.

NetMark can address and catch the exact auditory of potential customers your business need. The internet social networks provide easy segmentation and effective marketing communication targeting and analysis of the results and customers behavior.

Outsourcing your social networks support to NetMark™ Team is one of the best possible steps in strengthening the effectiveness of your brand marketing strategy.


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