Sunday, 09 August 2020
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Founded in 2009, ScentMark™ is the first company in Bulgaria introduced the potential of using and addressing the customers' sence of smell.

The scents and aroma effects reflects directly and instantly on the emotional condition and mind of the people. Scent usage provides a great tool for effective advertising and marketing communication.

The power of scents is well known and many companies have used it in the last few years. The Scent Marketing, also known as Aroma Marketing, is a great tool for developing the brand identity and offers distinctive type of products advertising. The sense of smell is the strongest of the five human senses. If done properly the right sense could create a deep suggestive and emotional connection between your brand and customers mind.

ScentMark™ is providing variety of effective Scent solutions for the advertising market and different companies as well. Over 10 series of different Scent Diffusers could spread chosen scent from small shops to large Malls, shopping centers or exhibition halls; offices or conference halls. Using Scented print in any marketing campaign shows great results and offers unique experience for the customers.

The company is providing Scent Marketing Solutions for Outdoor, Indoor, Industrial and Business facilities, Automobile and Public Transport sector.
Catalog with over 200,000 different fragrances could expand the limits of your brand identity or sales campaign. Or just get creative and we can help your invent your own fragrance.


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