Sunday, 09 August 2020
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SocialMark™ is the first company in Bulgaria specialized in creative and management of Social Campaigns and Events, Cause Related Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

SocialMark™ Team delivers the best solutions for businesses which wants to find the best Social Cause for their budgets with the greatest impact over society and nature towards their business and brands marketing strategy. 

Addressing the society's largest problems and social causes, working with the best Foundations and NGOs developing social projects, the company is smartly directing companies' budgets into activites and projects which are in favour of the society, nature and planet. 

International, national and domestic projects, events, causes are part of the Mission of SocialMark™. The company works with almost every problem community - orphanages, people with disabilities, minority groups, retired people addressing causes in the spheres of poverty, education, integration, healthcare, ecological issues, Green issues, national and domestic problems, infrastructure and more.

ScentMark provides professional CSR Strategy Development, Social Marketing Creative, execution and analysis of wide scale projects, partnership with Non-Government and Foundations. ScentMark Team will find the best possible and effective way to invest your CSR budget in order to achieve the greatest impact over the Bulgarian society and nature.



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