Sunday, 09 August 2020
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TipCard™ is a new company based its business on the pure brilliant Multi-Level Marketing structure, also known as Network Marketing Business. The simple idea of the company is to gather large consumer community and provide it with high price discounts for wide range purchases they make.

Serving the community, the TipCards are a wonderful tool for helping a society to reduce the prices they pay for consumer goods and services. The company is serving one of the main principles and codes of JT International - "Do most good, act Win-Win". TipCard is based on a simple concept we named "Money back with every purchase". 

Integrated with the innovative Pay It Forward marketing the TipCards are distributed on the Multi-Level Basis which help the company to gain greater consumer community very quickly which rapidly duplicates by itself. Every TipCard holder, if he choose to, could issue the Card to his friends and they could do the same with their friends with the purpose of receiving small percentages of their discounts down the chain. This could result in a serious personal passive income if the person's network grow large. The concept is simple, nobody robs anybody, you just profit, if your friends profit.

We simply believe that the future of business is in "networking" in all variations. This thoughts made us create concept like TipCard. 

TipCard was founded in the middle 2011 and quickly became a significant part of JT International Family.



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