Sunday, 09 August 2020
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ViralMark™ is founded in 2009 as a separate business unit of JT International Marketing Team which is focused in providing professional, focused and strategical Viral Marketing and Viral Advertising solutions.

One of the oldest marketing techniques on the planet is reinvented in the last years. The viral campaigns, and "Word of Mouth Advertising" is slowly becoming part of every complex campaign. Dealing with the world of financial instability and cut marketing budgets, the viral campaigns are target of many large corporations and advertising agencies.

ViralMark™ provides professional touch mixture of campaign creative, psychological analysis and consultations, Public Relations methods, and philosophical approach in creating the best viral spread rumors, information, events, websites, images, video Ads, or whatever. 

The key of the great viral campaign is the professional psychological analysis and approach of the creative techniques. Having a professional team consulting you for your viral campaigns can easily achieve the "Facebook" effect, or "pay-it-forward" result for your brand or product.

Viral Mark™ provide professional consultation, creative and execution of viral campaigns using the latest solutions and discoveries in the technological, advertising and psychological spheres.


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