Monday, 17 June 2019
Our Mission
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Our Mission 

JT International is committed in delivering the greatest world innovations and provide sustainable and effective marketing communications. We manage to exceed all limits, discover new horizons for the marketing and create stable and spirited business atmosphere in Bulgaria.   



Our Vision 

We see the marketing communications world more diversified and colorful, we see it a lot more exciting for the public and delivering actual benefits for every part on the market. Being a market leader in providing the latest Marketing Innovations will give us the abilities to “create” this new change! We strive to go beyond all limits and develop stable and spirited business atmosphere taking care of the society, the planet and the world we live in!


We see people who dare to dream and want. We see people who dare to be successful and passionate to live.  Breaking the limits of thinking is changing the nature of making business and satisfying society needs. Our Vision is to create a better market principles and business policies by developing high diversity of innovative businesses and sustainable organizations which will play the key role in all spheres of the marketing communications world.






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